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TiL is beauty and wellbeing with lindens, the most universal natural antistress antidote, it calms the skin, the body and the mind. Full of active molecules, it regenerates the skin, detoxifies the body, and calms the mind with its delicious fragrance.

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made in france

natural & clean care





made in france

natural & clean care


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At the heart of TiL treatments, is a proven, effective, exclusive concentrate: TILIACTIV-4® …


The TiL dietary supplement, a concentrate of linden and other plants, vitamins and …


Composed by the perfumer Francis Kurkdjian, the TiL perfume is a free and sentimental …


TiL is an ode to the small pleasures of the everyday, it is also small moments of calm …


Because Nature has created a medicinal tree with extraordinary virtues, and because we’ve benefitted from its exceptional powers since childhood, we created TiL, a beauty and wellbeing brand, to live better, naturally.
100% soothing and holistic. 100% effective and sensory.

Simple yet essential self-care actions that are effective for all kinds of stress, immediately and in the long term.
Products and rituals for every moment of the day, effective, healthy, pleasurable.
A delicious perfume, composed by master perfumer  Francis Kurkdjian.

comfortable in your skin, your mind and your body!

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I TiL, you TiL, we all TiL ...

  The tree of endless virtues, for the body, the mind the spirit

science et bon sens tilleul

science and
common sense

TiL pairs old-fashioned benefits with biotechnology and neuroscience. Since time immemorial, its calming and detoxifying powers have been used to sooth body and mind, TiL’s innovation is to use all of the Linden tree’s properties, including for skincare.  Buds, flowers, leaves and branches are harvested at the family estate, biotechnology then extracts and concentrates their precious molecules into a highly effective proprietary ingredient. It’s the first time that all the complementary elements of the tree have been brought together.

Moreover, neuroscience had proven the emotional impact of TiL’s olfactory note: the tests undertaken have shown a significant effect from the perfume on positive emotions, particularly joy and pleasure, calm and comfort.


a word from
the founders

“TiL is committed to a calmer world and a more serene society! Having experienced it in our own lives as women, mothers, and professionals, we know that chronic stress puts our whole organism at risk: the mind is restless, skin is damaged, and the body exhausted.

Conversely, taking care of your whole self provides balance making us feel beautiful and content. We created TiL to share the benefits of our Linden trees.”

a committed family run company

Because taking care of yourself also means taking care of the planet, we, the women of TiL, wanted products that are 100% made in France, vegan, cruelty-free, with no controversial ingredients and in environmentally friendly packaging. And if everything isn’t perfect, know that we are giving it our all!

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