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The power of the linden tree

Sourced in the heart of a regional natural park

The morning essential

Lindens take care of you

Full of active molecules, the linden tree regenerates the skin, detoxifies the body, and soothes the mind.

Enhanced by plant biotechnology and neuroscience, it today reveals all its powers in our rituals, with efficiency and sensoriality.

You are talking about TiL

"Very pleasant to the touch and what a scent!!! A small amount is enough to clean the face well. I love it!"


“It’s a perfume that surrounds you with softness and tranquility, I loved it!”


“A very nice discovery that my skin appreciates. The Jelly is super soft and the Cream very pleasant for my combination skin. I agree!”


“The smell of lime is incredible and the texture is perfect.”


“A duo for the body that really won me over. Softness, hydration, delicious scent. In short, delighted!”


made in France



natural & clean care

Feel good in your skin, your head and your body!

Because Nature has created a medicinal tree with extraordinary holistic virtues, and we have experienced its exceptional powers since our childhood, we designed TiL.

A brand of care with simple but essential gestures, which act on all manifestations of stress, immediately and for a long time.

High-performance, healthy and hedonistic products.
100% effective and sensory.

To live better, naturally.

Science and common sense

TiL combines the secrets of yesteryear with biotechnology and neuroscience . Used since time immemorial for its soothing and detoxifying properties on the mind and body, TiL innovates by exploiting all the powers of linden, including on the skin .

The power of biotechnology

The buds, flowers, leaves and branches are harvested on the family estate , and their precious molecules extracted and concentrated by biotechnology in an exclusive, ultra-effective active ingredient . This is the first time that all these complementary parts of the tree have been brought together.

Perfume & Emotion

Neuroscience has also proven the emotional impact of the olfactory note of TiL: the various analyzes carried out have demonstrated a very significant effect of perfume on positive emotions , in particular joy and pleasure, appeasement and comfort.

Words from the founders

“TiL is committed to a peaceful world and a more serene society! Having experienced it by living our lives to the fullest as women, mothers, and professionals, we know that chronic stress endangers our entire body: the mind is agitated, the skin damaged, the body exhausted.

Conversely, taking care of yourself as a whole provides a balance that makes us “beautiful and good” at the same time. It is this experience with our lime trees that we share by creating TiL.”

The press likes it!

“Like a nap in the shade, in the honeyed and tenderly enveloping wind of the flowering tree…”

“Big crush for this new French brand”

“Total control of the raw material, from picking to the finished product. Robust scientific studies and 5-star textures. »

“Because this short line, as poetic as it is sincere, is good for the skin as well as the soul…”

“TiL has put the lime tree to the test of green chemistry: it is good for everything, the body, the mind, the skin. »

A committed family brand

Because taking care of yourself also means taking care of the planet, we, the women of TiL, wanted products that are 100% made in France, vegan, cruelty-free, with no controversial ingredients and in environmentally friendly packaging. And if everything isn’t perfect, know that we are giving it our all!

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