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TiL is an ode to the little pleasures of everyday life, it is also moments of calm and quietude at home, the surprise of opening a closet or drawer and being met with scent of lindens in bloom and the memories of carefree summers. A small moment of joy and comfort… simple but essential.

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Le Doudou des TiroirsLe Doudou des Tiroirs
Le Doudou des Tiroirs Sale price€38,00 EUR
Earthenware cupsEarthenware cups
Earthenware cups Sale priceFrom €25,00 EUR
Linden, Sage (leaves) & Hyssop fumigation sticks | Ultra Limited Edition
Linden, Sage (leaves) & Mugwort fumigation sticks | Ultra Limited Edition
Linden & Sage fumigation sticks (leaves and flowers) | Ultra Limited Edition