Cosmetics through plants

Throughout history, in all civilizations and parts of the world, the plant world  has been utilized not only for medicinal purposes but also for beauty, as it is an endless source of benefits.

Plants and Beauty: A Long History

The art of caring for and enhancing one’s skin dates back 10,000 years, as evidenced by archaeological excavations! As far back as 3,000 years BCE, the Egyptians concocted ointments made from plants, oils, and herbs to combat aging and adorn themselves. Ancient Greece, passionate about aesthetics and bodily beauty, gave rise to the term “cosmetics”: the word comes from the Greek “kosmetikos” (adornment) and “kosmos” (the order of the universe). The Romans used plants to achieve radiant complexions, while during the Middle Ages, clay and starch were renowned for preserving the beauty of the skin. Renaissance women seeking a very pale complexion also turned to plants and flowers reputed for lightening the skin. Packed with essential nutrients, vitamins, proteins, fatty acids, minerals, and antioxidants, plants have everything needed to protect and regenerate the skin. So, throughout the ages, cosmetics have always been natural.

It was in the 19th and 20th centuries that a turning point occurred with the advent of industrialization and synthetic chemistry. Today, we are returning to our roots by rediscovering the incredible virtues of the plant world for beauty.

The Linden Tree: Nature’s Blessing

Each plant, of course, has its virtues, but some surpass others and are truly benevolent for the skin. You may have guessed it: the linden tree is the most fabulous of these benevolent beings! The tree was already called “The Healing Tree” by the ancient Roman author Pliny the Elder in the 1st century because of its myriad benefits. It has thus traversed the centuries, bestowing its powers on the body, mind, and skin. Used in medicine to combat fevers and edema, in nutrition for its protein richness, in infusions for its detoxifying and calming effects on the nervous psyche, and in cosmetics for soothing, brightening the complexion, and smoothing wrinkles—what can’t this medicinal plant, enshrined in pharmacopoeias, do? Everything about it is beneficial, which is why it forms the cornerstone of TiL.

 Beauty with Linden

After four years of Research and Development, during which the molecular mapping of every part of the linden tree was performed for the first time, we developed an exclusive active ingredient based on linden buds, branches, flowers, and leaves. It’s a unique concentrate of moisturizing, antioxidant, regenerating, and anti-inflammatory molecules: Tiliactiv4®.

100% Pure and Natural

The linden is harvested in the family estate in the Dordogne, at the heart of the Périgord Limousin Regional Natural Park, in the purest environment imaginable. These two-hundred-year-old trees have never been subjected to any human treatments and are certified organic by Ecocert. The mastery of harvesting is complete, which is exceptional, allowing it to be collected at the optimum moment, day by day, for maximum quality.

100% Concentrated

The essence of every part of the linden is extracted and then concentrated through biotechnology, bringing together all the molecules particularly beneficial for the skin.

100% Effective

Raw materials are used fresh, in contrast to the usual practice of using dried plant extracts. Typically, these extracts are obtained from dried materials for convenience, but they lose a significant portion of their active molecules during dehydration. By freezing them on-site immediately, as they are harvested, the integrity of native cells is preserved, and their effectiveness remains fully intact. Subsequently, cryo-extraction is performed, resulting in an active ingredient with a broad spectrum of action for a comprehensive effect on all skin beauty markers:

Antioxidant: A specific flavonoid found in linden, tiliroside, combats free radicals and oxidative stress that age the skin.

Soothing: Combats inflammation caused by external aggressions and stress.

Anti-aging: Slows down accelerated skin aging and the formation of wrinkles by preserving the supporting tissue, collagen, and elastin.

Moisturizing: Polysaccharides have a more effective moisturizing activity than hyaluronic acid at the same concentration.

Radiance: Organic acids (AHA) naturally present in linden gently exfoliate, allowing daily removal of dead cells and promoting cell renewal. These are true radiance enhancers, the famous “glow,” without the risk of irritation.

100% Objective

We believe that being natural is not enough! Throughout the development of TiL, we aimed for natural actives with proven efficacy through scientific analysis. Tiliactiv4® demonstrated remarkable results in tube tests for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant actions:

Soothing Effect: Inhibition capacity of 64% of 5-Lox (inflammation).

Antioxidant Effect: Trapping capacity of free radicals at 68.7%.

Other TiL Beauty Plants


Just as with linden, the specifications were ambitious: natural, effective, and sensory formulas with French plant-based actives (cultivation and production) scientifically proven and measured for their impact on skin quality. We have selected a few gems that complement Tiliactiv4® in our products—additional plant-based actives that work in synergy with it for maximum effectiveness.


  • Rose Centifolia

Precious and ephemeral, it is used for the finest perfumes but also in cosmetics. Derived from roses handpicked in Provence, this active ingredient is particularly interesting because it was originally developed for medical purposes, for its post-surgery healing properties. Given its effectiveness, it was subsequently deployed for cosmetic use, underscoring its robust scientific dossier! It promotes self-repair, is antioxidant and anti-spot, and enhances skin’s radiance, evenness, and comfort. Additionally, it has a positive effect on the skin’s microbiome.


  • Alfalfa (sprouted alfalfa seed)

This is an active ingredient known as “retinol-like” because it has the same ability to boost collagen and inhibit its destruction, smoothing the skin (anti-wrinkles) and providing firmness and resilience.


  • White Lupin

This plant with lovely white flowers is both a complexion enhancer and anti-aging active. It improves microcirculation and oxygenation to brighten the complexion. It also reinforces collagen synthesis and smoothes the skin’s microtexture.


  • Nasturtium

This flower acts on cellular respiration to brighten the skin and boost cell oxygenation.


  • Passionflower

This extract fights free radicals and neutralizes oxidative stress (due to various aggressors like pollution, UV rays, and aging), prevents redness, and has a soothing effect on the skin.


  • Evening Primrose

Contrary to its name, it acts as a shield during the day by strengthening the skin’s resistance against daily aggressions. It protects and calms the skin.


  • Verbena

It’s an anti-aging ingredient that hydrates, smoothes, and revitalizes fibroblasts.


  • Ivy

It optimizes superficial microcirculation, ensuring better nutrition and hydration. It also has a relaxing effect.



  • Cameline

Regenerative, it fights cellular aging. Its exceptional levels of omega-3 and omega-6, along with a concentration of vitamins and antioxidants, make it a sought-after anti-wrinkle and anti-aging ingredient. It strengthens the skin barrier, protects against external aggressors, preserves skin hydration, and aids in repair.


  • Horsetail

It maintains the structure of the dermal tissue, firms, and tones the skin.

At Til, our skincare products share a common philosophy: essential and universal, natural and sensory, with proven performance not only on our exclusive active ingredient but also on the finished products through clinical studies conducted with panels of women. Because nature is uneven, we have consistently sought the best in France. Not to perform miracles we don’t believe in, but certainly to demonstrate that nature, in its most fabulous form, when enhanced by 21st-century science, can contribute to beautiful, healthy, and radiant skin. Because we know that this is more important than the number of years and wrinkles…

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