#TimeForRecycling :How to recycle Til’s empty jars ?

The European week of sustainable development took place again at the beginning of the month to raise awareness and promote the gestures around the environment and daily actions, because everyone at its scale can contribute to the improvement of the planet. At TiL, for example, our small glass jars, once empty, can be “overcycled” (valorizing reuse) in different forms, we propose you some ideas! Don’t hesitate to share your recycling tips with us using the #jeTilJeRecycle or in the comments of this article!

In a pencil jar for the office


Paper clips, thumbtacks and pen cartridges are comfortably installed in the jar of our “Baume qui Ressource” on Sylvie’s desk for easy storage and organization 🙃

Even beauty is getting involved!


Biodegradable cotton swabs or washable makeup remover discs, are within reach in our little pots! On a console or a sink, storage and clever reuse … 😉

A romantic dinner?


Here again, no need to look far for a candle holder, a candle in our smoked glass jar of Zero Worry Powder and a cuddly atmosphere guaranteed … ☺️

You do love plants but don't really have a green thumb? 🌵

A few small cactus found at your local florist, the jar of our « Gelée à Fleur de Peau » once finished and you’re done!  With little maintenance, they can be placed in the four corners of your apartment for an exotic and eco-friendly mini-world! But, beware, if you play with fire you get burned…never forget that even tiny a cactus stings 🤣

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