The virtues of fumigation rituals

Vibrations, energies, spirits, positive vibrations… you believe in it or not, give the meaning you want to these words, but in any case, at TiL, we believe in the importance of good energies, which put in a positive state of mind, thus attracting positive. Conversely, we believe that the negative energies we may be surrounded by are harmful to our balance.

Fumigation has been used since the dawn of time in all cultures to honor the gods and purify the atmosphere. Literally and figuratively: to purify air, the smoke of plants having a strong bactericidalpotential, but also to energetically clean a place or a person by chasing away negative energies.

Why deprive ourselves of reviving these ancestral traditions, if they can contribute to our well-being? All the more topical as the quest for nature is omnipresent and we are rediscovering the amazing powers of plants.

Let’s decipher the origins of fumigation, its virtues and how to use it!

What is fumigation?

It consists of burning dried medicinal plants to clean the air around us, because the smoke has purifying, bactericidal and disinfectant properties. And at a time when pollution is reaching its peak, it is all to the good! The air, inside and outside, is home to thousands of micro-organisms, including many bacterial strains.

Traditionally, it was also imagined that this fumigation allowed to chase away bad spirits and energies.

This practice is universal, humans and lots of religions have used it all over the world, to purify a house, a church, a temple, a hospital … in China, India, Egypt, Russia, the Americas, Europe…


How does it work?

The smoke captures many positive ions, which carry the micro-particles to remain suspended in the air. Conversely, if there is a majority of negative ions, the dust settles, which cleans the atmosphere and promotes good health. So, capturing positive ions is very beneficial.


In what form?

The plants are dried and assembled as small bundles. The important thing is that the components are completely natural, without anything synthetic. The bundle is lit and burned in the closed room or rooms, which are then ventilated.

TiL fumigation, clouds of well-being

Did you know that the linden tree is the tree of protection and femininity? And since the heart of our mission is to make you feel good in every way, we have designed a TiL fumigation ritual.

An ultra-limited offer of 100% natural sticks, made of blooming linden twigs taken from the family estate in Dordogne, TiL’s cradle, surrounded by sage, mugwort or hyssop, with recognized energetic virtues, produced and harvested in a medicinal plant garden in Charente.

The TiL stick

All our Fumigation Sticks have a silver linden heart in the center and are surrounded by 3 possible versions of complementary plants.

Linden blossom, a sacred plant called “the Medicine Tree” by Pliny the Elder, but also a tree of love and reconciliation. It cleanses the place and the person, absorbing negative vibrations, and with its soft energy and its beneficent aura, it protects and brings softness, calm, harmony and sisterhood. 

– The sage officinale in leaves purifies, cleaning the energies of the place and the environment (house, outside, object).

– The hyssop in flowers cleans the aura of the people, it drives out the bad energies and rebalances the chakras. It was burned during plague epidemics…

– The armoise in flowers, already used by the druids, has protective virtues. It captures negative energies and evacuates them.

Our advice of use

To purify the house, close doors and windows.

Cut a little the flowered end of the stick, then light an end by maintaining the flame until the plants redden (it is often necessary to take again there with several times), by blowing on it.

Extinguish the flame, the stick should continue to burn. Re-light if necessary during the fumigation. Go through the rooms, if you wish, making circles with the stick, clockwise, with intent.

Leave the rooms closed for at least 30 minutes, then open everything and air it out.

Put the stick in a cup by crushing the end in embers and make sure that it is well extinguished before putting it away.

It can be reused about ten times (5 minutes each time).

Whether you put behind the fumigation sticks a hygienic, spiritual or energetic dimension, their benefits on the well-being of body and mind have been recognized for thousands of years.

So, to start the year well, we might as well live in a healthy house surrounded by good vibes, right?

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