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L’Élixir de Sérénité

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Weight 86 g
Dimensions 3,3 × 3,3 × 10,5 cm

30ml / 1 fl.oz

L’Élixir de Sérénité is a blend of linden, hawthorn, and fig tree bud macerates, containing all their calming and anti-stress properties to alleviate tension, agitation, fear, or anxiety. This small spray bottle is everything TiL was created for – favoring a good mood, balancing the mind, preserving vitality, energy, and emotional well-being by helping to overcome difficult moments, let go, relax, and balance emotions.


Anti-stress & anti-anxiety
Calming & soothing
3 to 6 sprays per day
Certified organic
Made in France
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L’Élixir De Sérénité is a food supplement based on gemmotherapy – a branch of phytotherapy that uses tree buds for healing. It is a natural therapy that can help cope with the small difficult moments of daily life or significant life stages, such as hormonal changes like menopause. The buds contain all the tree’s treasures – the “totum” containing all its information, vital energy, genetic heritage, various tissues, and active molecules such as trace elements, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, phyto-hormones, and sap – all at the peak of their vitality.

  • L’Élixir de Sérénité blends fresh buds of Linden, Hawthorn, and Fig tree macerated in a mix of water, glycerin, and alcohol for three weeks, resulting in a slightly caramelized taste in the mouth after spraying (like an old plum eaten after dinner!) – even though alcohol is present in an infinitesimal amount, making it safe for children.
  • The go-to remedy to ease stress and tension.
  • Usage time: Directly spray into the mouth, up to 6 sprays per day. Easy to carry in your bag.
  • Responsible packaging: Glass bottle.
  • Linden buds: It helps to sleep and prevents nocturnal awakenings. It drains the nervous system, reduces psychological tension, agitation, and stress. It treats anxiety and fear, recommended for all types of fears.
  • Hawthorn buds: Anti-stress and sedative, it also calms the nervous system, soothes anxiety, reduces agitation, and promotes relaxation. It limits emotional outbursts in difficult situations, acting as a natural anxiolytic.
  • Fig tree buds: Anti-stress, they facilitate digestion in every sense of the term, including “hard to digest” moments. They calm anxiety and reduce the sensation of “butterflies in the stomach”, promoting neurosensory balance and fighting against anxiety, nervousness, and neurasthenia.

Ficus Carica L, Tilia Tomentosa, Crataegus Laevigata

Ingredients: Hydro-alcoholic extracts (29-31°*) concentrated glycerin of Fig tree* leaf bud, Linden* leaf bud, Hawthorn* 2 styles leaf bud. *Ingredient from organic farming certified by ECOCERT France SAS.

Pure and natural, vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free, sugar-free, colorant-free, or flavor-free. Alcohol 30% vol. 6 sprays = 60 mg of each plant.

At each moment of stress, of peak of anxiety, of emotional overflow, spray some pschitts in the mouth (up to 6 maximum per day). For the children, dilute in water.

“A discreet but very effective mouth spray to use in case of stress. A 100% let go recipe. “

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