the linden tree

Once upon a time, there was the linden tree…

Do you remember that blessed time when you were lying in your little bed, your daddy and/or mommy would sit next to you, and start telling you a story… the one that would gently take you to the land of dreams, reassure you, calm you, comfort you… Some evenings, I

Science at the heart of the Linden tree

A unique tree of abundance, the linden tree has been dispensing its multiple virtues for thousands of years. A medicinal plant registered in the pharmacopoeia, it knows how to soothe and regenerate while smelling divinely good and being edible. This is probably why this tree has been universal and venerated


When Spring arrives, Nature, dormant during the winter, wakes up. The sap rises, the buds swell, some flowers bloom, seedlings grow… a perpetual and unchanging enchantment of Nature and of life that starts again… On the family estate in the Dordogne Depending on the year and the weather, the buds

The Linden tree, star of the French gardens

If the linden tree spans the centuries and countries and is still loved, it is because it is good for people. Adorned with all the virtues, it is at the same time the beneficial tree of the neighborhood, but also the noble and elegant tree which participates in the creation

the fabulous linden tree

The fabulous history of the linden tree

It’s a tree. But not just any tree. It is the linden tree, a sacred and universal tree. Revered since ancient times, used for centuries, loved throughout the world, the linden tree is par excellence the tree of abundance, the most beneficent tree in existence. This universality is no accident.

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