The vegetable garden, land of abundance

Do you know of many ways to recharge your batteries, to get back to basics, to be connected to Nature, to ensure your food autonomy, to contribute to the preservation of the environment, to have before your eyes the miracle of life growing, all this with a lot of scents,


When Spring arrives, Nature, dormant during the winter, wakes up. The sap rises, the buds swell, some flowers bloom, seedlings grow… a perpetual and unchanging enchantment of Nature and of life that starts again… On the family estate in the Dordogne Depending on the year and the weather, the buds

The Moon, a light in the night

For the skeptics who talk about wives’ tales, or simple popular beliefs, when we talk about the influence of the Moon, here is a deciphering which makes us very humble at TiL in front of such powers… Celebrated during an annual festival in many countries, especially in Asia, the Moon


In many ancient traditions, from the Greeks to the Saxons, via the Slavs and the Scandinavians, the linden tree is associated with female deities or legendary women. A feminine tree in essence, it is also the symbol of tenderness and love with its heart-shaped leaf. Consecrated by the mythology of

Interview with Laurence Monce, Sylvotherapist

Sylvotherapy is not yet well known in France, can you explain what it consists of? Sylvotherapy is an ancestral practice which consists of immersing oneself in the forest in order to benefit from the natural therapeutic benefits brought by trees, at the physiological and emotional level. What is the difference

The Linden tree, star of the French gardens

If the linden tree spans the centuries and countries and is still loved, it is because it is good for people. Adorned with all the virtues, it is at the same time the beneficial tree of the neighborhood, but also the noble and elegant tree which participates in the creation

the fabulous linden tree

The fabulous history of the linden tree

It’s a tree. But not just any tree. It is the linden tree, a sacred and universal tree. Revered since ancient times, used for centuries, loved throughout the world, the linden tree is par excellence the tree of abundance, the most beneficent tree in existence. This universality is no accident.

our universes

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