How to boost your immunity through food?

What is immunity?

The Larousse defines it as all the defense mechanisms of an organism against foreign elements, in particular infectious agents (viruses, bacteria or parasites). It is therefore the body’s capacity to fight against what threatens it.

And the numbers are staggering: 

– 1 million: number of elements foreign to the body (bacteria, viruses, parasites, chemicals …) to which our immune system can respond at the same time.

– 100 million: minimum number of antibodies present in the body.

– 15 billion: number of white blood cells that the bone marrow produces every day. (Source: Santé Magazine)

Immunity declines with age and of course with illness, increasing the risk of infections. Symptoms of declining immunity include fatigue, repeated infections, and long healing wounds.

Numerous studies have shown the importance of certain factors for the quality of immunity: sleep, stress, smoking, quality of life, social relationships, etc., but also, in an important way, diet.

Sleep is at least 7 hours per night. However, sleep time is decreasing (in 50 years, we have lost an hour and a half of sleep!) and disorders are increasing: a fifth of French people suffer from insomnia. Yet sleep improves the efficiency of the immune response, and a study has shown that without sufficient sleep, the body’s vulnerability to infections increases.

Stress, when frequent and repetitive, triggers the production of hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. These are very helpful, except when in excess, in which case they affect immunity. And it’s a virtuous circle, by being less tired, we increase our resistance to stress.

As far as food is concerned, we don’t know it enough, but some foods weaken our immunity and should really be consumed in moderation: too much coffee, too much salt (the daily dose is 5g maximum), too much sugar (maximum the equivalent of 6 teaspoons per day), saturated fats (the “bad fat” that favors inflammation), alcohol (10 glasses maximum per week). But beware, we are not ayatollahs of “good food only” and we have the right to enjoy a glass of wine, especially since it is full of polyphenols! We just need a balance to preserve our health…😉

Foods that boost immunity and therefore healththat boost immunity and therefore health

We can strengthen our natural defenses by eating healthy and by favoring certain foods, so we go for the nutrients that help the activity of white blood cells and antibodies:

– Rich in iron: red meats, ginger, lentils, spices like turmeric. Well… there is also for those who like (we have a little trouble to be honest 🙂 black pudding, offal, and liver

– Fruits and vegetables, full of antioxidants (flavonoids, vitamins E and C…). It is necessary to privilege :
· green leafy vegetables such as spinach,
· red fruits and vegetables full of lycopene which protects white blood cells: tomatoes, watermelon, pink grapefruit
· purple blue fruits and vegetables such as beets, pomegranates, berries, which are very rich in vitamins
· citrus fruits: lemons, oranges, grapefruits, kiwis, full of vitamin C

– Green tea, because it contains a lot of polyphenols (antioxidant and anti-inflammatory). Always drink it outside of meals, but without moderation. And, good news, with a little dark chocolate which is a super food!
– Spices, especially ginger and turmeric, with anti-infectious action
– Aromatics, with antiseptic effects: garlic, onion, shallot, thyme, rosemary
– Seafood, such as oysters, full of iodine, zinc, omega 3, and fatty fish (sardines)
– Oilseeds and oils, concentrated in minerals, vitamins and omega 3, which promote antibodies
– Honey, propolis and royal jelly… all products of the hive are excellent
– Fermented foods such as kefir, fermented milk, sauerkraut 
– Foods rich in prebiotics (asparagus, artichokes, bananas, leeks, garlic and onions …) and probiotics (dairy products, miso …) good for the microbiome (intestinal flora), which represents two thirds of immune performance.

In addition, our food supplement, “La Poudre Zero Souci”. 

This delicious powder is a concentrate of extracts of flowers and sapwood of linden, burdock, lemon balm, vitamin B6 and minerals. 

It helps to eliminate toxins, but also to de-stress and improve sleep, and to give a glow to the skin. 

Toxins come from our metabolism and from food or pollutants, and they accumulate in what are called emunctory organs, the liver and kidneys in particular, but also the skin, intestines or lungs.  To promote the immune system, it is essential to relieve the body of toxins and waste that clutter it, and to help it recover by sleeping well.

La Poudre Zero Souci” is a powerful detoxifying thanks to its richness in :

– Linden sapwood, the soft part of the wood between the bark and the heart of the tree, where the sap circulates. Gorged with active molecules, it is famous since the dawn of time to clean the body, by draining and facilitating its functions of elimination of toxins, by the liver, the kidneys and the intestines: it stimulates the work of the liver to filter in the blood the waste and toxins, regulates the biliary secretion, thus improving the digestion, and optimizes the operation of the kidneys 

– Burdock: a plant very used in the whole world for its depurative actions: it supports the well-being of the liver, the digestive well-being, and the purification of the organization.

“La Poudre Zero Souci” is also recommended for relaxation and sleep thanks to the strongly concentrated presence of :

– Linden blossoms, known for their calming properties, they soothe the nervous system and promote sleep. 

– Lemon balm, relaxing, is used in case of nervousness and sleep disorders. It accelerates sleep and promotes a good quality of sleep. 

– Magnesium helps the normal functioning of the nervous system, reducing fatigue and stress. 

– Vitamin B6, an essential micro-nutrient for the body to function well, is provided only by food, and fights against fatigue and stress.

And to share, two family and “healthy” recipes, special immunity, regularly practiced at the table of the TiL sisters, to boost your natural defenses. Or how to indulge yourself while doing good… ☺️

– Warm lentil salad with soft-boiled egg and toasted hazelnuts

– Rose-Marie’s orange cake (childhood memory from our mother)

La salade de lentilles tièdes, œuf mollet et noisettes grillées

Le Gâteau à l’orange de Rose-Marie
(souvenir d’enfance venant de notre mère)