We believe that pregnancy is so precious that any change to your routine, in any domain, is worth seeking medical advice for. That being said, the fact that we use no controversial ingredients, the gentleness of linden and the natural nature of our active ingredients make our formulas very gentle.

TiL products can be used on all skin types, as is the case with most cosmetics. Nevertheless, we recommend that people with highly reactive or intolerant skin test the product first, as they would with any other product. But the calming tenderness of the linden, the natural ingredients, and the choice of gentle cleansing ingredients make the products skin-friendly.

TiL products are cruelty free and are absolutely not tested on animals. Animal testing goes against our beliefs, we even raise sheep on the family estate. Unlike some, we don’t want to use this as a sales argument, which would be misleading, since animal testing has been forbidden by European regulation for 10 years! So, it’s no longer really discussion worthy… 

Yes, all of TiL’s products are vegan and contain no animal products. 

Yes TiL products are 100% French, it was an essential criteria for us.

Our cosmetics, perfume and dietary supplement are 100% Made in France, but beyond that, TiL is rooted in the Dordogne, like our lindens.

The buds, branches, leaves and flowers that go into TiL’s exclusive active ingredient Tiliactiv4®, are harvested on our family estate in the heart of the Parc Naturel Régional Périgord Limousin, and our cosmetic production site is in the Dordogne.

As for the perfume concentrate, it is made in Grasse, the cradle of French perfumery.

How can one mention the linden without bringing up its incredible scent? Impossible. We therefore decided to lightly scent TiL’s cosmetic products, because sensoriality is ingrained in our DNA and because the scent of lindens in bloom is particularly delicious and comforting. For us, pleasure and efficacy go together, and by smelling good our products are already contributing to your wellbeing!

La Poudre Zéro Souci is not scented but contains natural blackcurrant flavor to make it flavorful and to counteract the high concentration of plant extracts that can be bitter.

Yes, all TiL products are “clean”, good for your skin and the planet. Our cosmetic formulas are, on average 96 to 99% natural, and contain no controversial ingredients such as parabens, phenoxyethanol, mineral oils, silicones, SLS, aluminum salts, EDTA, PEG polymers...Our products are vegan and cruelty free.

For us, “clean” goes beyond our formulas and extends to packaging. Perfection doesn’t exist, and there is always room for improvement, but our packaging is as respectful as possible: they are all made in France or in Europe, our jars are made of recyclable glass, our large bottles are made of recyclable PET (a large weight of glass has a negative carbon impact), and our lids are made of Bakelite (a recyclable material, not made from petrochemicals and made of at least 40% plant matter).  The exterior packaging is made of recyclable FSC cardboard, from sustainably managed forests, respecting both man and nature. We have banished cellophane from our packaging, and paper instructions have been replaced by a QR code so that you can know everything about our products, in all transparency, without wasting paper.

Of course, even if the linden has been known for centuries for its many benefits for the mind and body, we wanted to objectively prove its properties thanks to 21st century science. 

For cosmetics, the principal ingredient Tiliactiv4 ® which we developed using the buds, branches, leaves and flowers of the linden trees grown on our family estate in the Dordogne, was scientifically tested and was shown to significantly decrease free radicals and inflammation. The hydrating power of linden is extensively mentioned in literature, and our lindens are particularly high in hydrating polysaccharides.

The other active ingredients all underwent scientific tests to measure their efficacy, it was one of our major criteria in choosing active ingredients. 

For La Poudre Zéro Souci, the extremely strict regulations for nutritional supplements requires a minimum concentration to be able to claim an effect. The effects we claim, detoxifying, relaxation and radiance are guaranteed by the concentrations of their respective ingredients.

For L'Eau qui Enlace, we wanted to objectively measure the perfume, we used neuroscience to measure the emotional impact of the scent, for us it was extremely important that the scent not only smell good but contribute to wellbeing.

Neuroscientists undertook a clinical study to analyze the behavioral, physiological and cognitive aspects of the scent, to define the perfume’s emotional signature. The study showed that TiL’s olfactory note elicits spontaneous positive emotions: manifest joy, comfort, and a calming and relaxing effects that go well beyond the simple pleasure of using a perfume.

Of course not. Linden, with our proprietary ingredient Tiliactiv4 ® which we developed using the buds, branches, leaves and flowers of the linden trees grown on our family estate in the Dordogne is not the only active ingredient. 

Our cosmetic formulas, particularly those that aren’t rinsed off, are mixed with other ingredients, ones whose effects are complimentary to Tiliactiv4®, to maximize efficacy.

Le Baume qui Ressource also contains natural extracts of Centifolia Rose from Grasse, Alfalfa, Passiflora and Nasturtium which is grown and transformed in France.

Le Lait Corps et Ame contains ivy and horsetail extracts with the same French guarantees.

La Poudre Zéro Souci formula contains, on top of the linden flowers and sapwood, lemon balm, burdock, vitamin B6 and magnesium.

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