Of course, even if the linden has been known for centuries for its many benefits for the mind and body, we wanted to objectively prove its properties thanks to 21st century science. 

For cosmetics, the principal ingredient Tiliactiv4 ® which we developed using the buds, branches, leaves and flowers of the linden trees grown on our family estate in the Dordogne, was scientifically tested and was shown to significantly decrease free radicals and inflammation. The hydrating power of linden is extensively mentioned in literature, and our lindens are particularly high in hydrating polysaccharides.

The other active ingredients all underwent scientific tests to measure their efficacy, it was one of our major criteria in choosing active ingredients. 

For La Poudre Zéro Souci, the extremely strict regulations for nutritional supplements requires a minimum concentration to be able to claim an effect. The effects we claim, detoxifying, relaxation and radiance are guaranteed by the concentrations of their respective ingredients.

For L’Eau qui Enlace, we wanted to objectively measure the perfume, we used neuroscience to measure the emotional impact of the scent, for us it was extremely important that the scent not only smell good but contribute to wellbeing.

Neuroscientists undertook a clinical study to analyze the behavioral, physiological and cognitive aspects of the scent, to define the perfume’s emotional signature. The study showed that TiL’s olfactory note elicits spontaneous positive emotions: manifest joy, comfort, and a calming and relaxing effects that go well beyond the simple pleasure of using a perfume.

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