Yes, all our cosmetic products are linden based, since they all contain our exclusive active ingredient Tiliactiv4 ® which we developed using the buds, branches, leaves and flowers of the linden trees grown on our family estate in the Dordogne.

Our dietary supplement is also linden based (sapwood and flowers) grown in France, but not from our estate. Why? The Poudre Zéro Souci has such a high concentration of linden extracts, to justify the detox and relaxation claims, that it would be impossible for us to produce such quantities on the family estate. But more importantly, sapwood is the part of the tree between the bark and the heart, and it is out of the question for us to strip our trees.

Regarding the perfume, linden is what is known in perfumery as a “mute” flower, like lily of the valley, violet or lilac, its flowers leave no useable extract for scents, it is up to the perfumer to patiently recreate the olfactory impression. L’Eau qui Enlace, created by the perfumer Francis Kurkdjian, recreates the scent that envelopes the TiL domain on early June mornings when the trees are in full bloom. It delicately recreates each facet, green, floral, honeyed and powdery.

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