interview Francis Kurkdjian about TiL

Francis Kurkdjian : “A great perfume, it smells beautiful!”

“Sylvie and Odile came to see me to talk about their project on their family estate. It’s a project that took a long time to set up, like any entrepreneurial project. There is not only the creation of the products, there is also the whole ecosystem that has to be

#TimeForRecycling :How to recycle Til’s empty jars ?

The European week of sustainable development took place again at the beginning of the month to raise awareness and promote the gestures around the environment and daily actions, because everyone at its scale can contribute to the improvement of the planet. At TiL, for example, our small glass jars, once

7 castles in Dordogne

TiL’s domain is in a region blessed by the gods, in the heart of the green Périgord, and the Périgord Limousin Regional Natural Park. But did you know that the Périgord comes in 4 colors? Green, white, purple and black? Each one has its own characteristics, but always in common,

Heritage Days, celebrating TiL’s roots

During these Heritage Days, where exceptional places and pages of history and culture are revealed to everyone, we celebrate the roots of TiL. In the Dordogne, a place full of history. From the prehistoric caves, to the French-English rivalries during 3 centuries and the Hundred Years War (Richard the Lionheart

Le domaine TiL

TiL’s domain

An exceptional land, the Dordogne It is a 17th century estate, anchored on an old land. That of the Dordogne. A region of France like no other. The powerful vibrations of the Périgord Cradle of humanity, the Périgord is a powerful land. Contrasted, rough and generous at the same time.

Encounter with Francis Kurkdjian, the TiL’s perfumer

Francis Kurkdjian, we no longer need to introduce him. One of the most gifted perfumers of his generation, co-founder of his eponymous brand and composer of several best-sellers for fashion and beauty brands. Why and how did this world-renowned talent participate in the TiL adventure? What was the genesis of the

our universes

At the heart of TiL TREATMENTS, is a proven, effective, exclusive concentrate: TILIACTIV-4® …


The TiL dietary supplement, a concentrate of linden and other plants, vitamins and …


Composed by the perfumer Francis Kurkdjian, the TiL perfume is a free and sentimental …


TiL is an ode to the small pleasures of the everyday, it is also small moments of calm …