the skin

Cleansing the skin,  the health and radiance gesture

In the past, beauty often consisted of hiding imperfections due to lack of hygiene. In 2022, facial skin, which is highly exposed to aggression, must be clean, pure and radiant, because it is the expression of good health. In the beginning … a perfect cleansing, without which no other care

And if there was only one thing to do? Cleanse your skin!

The prelude to any beauty ritual Yes, there are some non-negotiable gestures… Every beauty ritual starts with cleansing the skin. This may seem obvious, but at TiL, we insist on it because no care product can be effective on a skin that is not perfectly clean.  Oohh…. to be honest,

une réponse holistique au fléau du siècle, le stress

The tree of joy, natural antidote to stress

There is stress and there is stress! There are two forms of stress: acute stress, which allows us to adapt to a specific and sudden problem. It is beneficial and gives us a boost of vital energy. And then the chronic stress, lasting, which exhausts us, physically and psychically, because

an anti-aging night cream, what’s the point?

The regenerating “herbal tea” for the skin Is it necessary to use a night cream ?  What is the use of it ? Which one to choose ? The skin is a psychic organ that reveals a lot about us… our age, our state of fatigue and our emotions. If

our universes

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