The virtues of fumigation rituals

Vibrations, energies, spirits, positive vibrations… you believe in it or not, give the meaning you want to these words, but in any case, at TiL, we believe in the importance of good energies, which put in a positive state of mind, thus attracting positive. Conversely, we believe that the negative energies

The benefits of plants on ours health

A knowledge transmitted since the dawn of time Did you know that the first traces of the virtues of medicinal herbs date back to 3000 years BC, mentioned on clay tablets by the Sumerians? Then by Ancient Egypt 1500 years BC, in the Ebers Papyrus, a real collection of over

Feeling well by writing…

Are you sometimes overwhelmed by your emotions, invaded by thoughts that swirl around, to the point that sleeps becomes difficult? Are you prone to having the blues? Or at a crossroads with questions, a heavy mental load? Or do you simply want to settle down, reflect, take some time for

Detox is now!

Have you noticed that we always talk about detox after the holidays, but in fact it is before that we should do it, to prepare the body for all the rich and drunken meals it will eat at Christmas and at the end of the year. In fact, it’s a pre-detox that can save the day! It’s just a

Chill & TiL

Chill, or relax in good French! Calm down, take a break, decompress, let go… We don’t know about you, but we imagine that you are like us… running after time, with a heavy mental load, an endless to-do list, nerves tense and body tired. Not a very happy picture, but

A touch of serenity in your plate

What if eating could also be soothing? What if at the end of your fork, there was calm? Food and stress are closely intertwined, because stress influences appetite and all our eating behaviors, by directing us towards more or less desire to eat (food compulsions, hyperphagia), and towards certain types

How can we relieve stress?

If you are not or never stressed, you are part of a happy minority! The reasons for stress are numerous and can not only ruin your life but also have serious consequences on your health. This is what guided the creation of TiL… how to offer everyone a little bit

How to prolong the benefits of summer?

It had to happen … 😬 Have you noticed how we manage to put our heads in the sand during the summer, literally and figuratively, saying “we’ll see about that in the fall”?  Well, here we are! How can we best live the transition between these two planets, the happy

“TiL- tips” for the summer

Summer is the season of the heart in Chinese medicine. Associated with fire, it is the phase of maximum growth and blossoming, when the Yang is at its peak. The heart facilitates the circulation of blood and energy, the related emotion is joy; everything seems lighter all of a sudden,

Skin in the summer

To feel good about oneself, to have a new skin, to change one’s skin, to have an angel’s skin… the skin comes in many expressions. But did you know that the skin is both … – An envelope, and not just any envelope! A surface of 1.8 m2 (adult) and

our universes

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