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Le tilleul, arbre de sante et beaute universel

The linden tree, a universal source of health and beauty

The dictionary of the Académie Française defines the word “universal” as follows:

“Extending to everything, spreading everywhere. Considered common to all people.”

And we add, “beneficial to everything and everyone”…

So, if a tree is universal, it is undoubtedly the linden tree!

A universal story

The linden tree spans centuries and even millennia; it is said to be 55 million years old! At the heart of numerous legends for its incredible benefits, it was already used in Ancient Greece and Ancient Egypt and has traversed all eras and civilizations.

A universal presence

The linden tree grows throughout the Northern Hemisphere, with 45 different species. Everywhere, it is a symbol of well-being.

Universal powers

The linden tree has been famous since time immemorial for its magical and healing properties. Calming, protecting the temples of the gods, eternal loyalty – the linden tree possesses all these powers! But above all, it is the tree that heals, and even in the 1st century, Pliny the Elder called it the “doctor tree.” Since antiquity, its healing properties have been used through infusions, decoctions, ointments, and lotions made from its flowers, bark, and leaves to alleviate many ailments, injuries, and burns.

Its importance was such that a royal decree required planting linden trees along roads and reserving their harvest for use in hospitals! In the countryside, it was common to carry a sachet containing crushed linden bark to ward off diseases, falls, and injuries.

The linden tree is also known for its calming effects. It reduces stress and improves anxiety and sleep disorders. Burning linden powder is reputed to attract joy and banish melancholy.


A universal & holistic care: skin, body, mind


The linden tree is the ultimate holistic tree because it calms the mind, detoxifies and soothes the body, and even benefits the skin! Pliny the Elder, once again, mentioned the beneficial effects of linden bark vinegar on “skin imperfections”… already!

A universal multi-generational treatment

Regardless of age, the linden tree beautifies the skin.

Three years of Research and Development were conducted at Ti. We scientifically proved that the linden tree is an outstanding anti-aging remedy. In the leaves, flowers, buds, and branches of our century-old family estate linden trees, there is an incredible wealth of hydrating, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant molecules. Therefore, all our cosmetic products are developed from Tiliactiv4®, our exclusive active ingredient, which, by combining all parts of the tree, reproduces its full activity through biotechnology.

As a global anti-aging solution, it acts on all beauty markers thanks to:

Its strong anti-inflammatory power that soothes and inhibits inflammation caused by stress and external aggressions.

Its powerful antioxidant action: by combating free radicals, it reduces oxidative stress and slows down signs of aging.

Its intense hydrating activity due to polysaccharides, more effective than hyaluronic acid.

Its visibly anti-wrinkle action: astragaline protects collagen and elastin fibers supporting the skin, slowing down accelerated skin aging and wrinkle formation.

• For younger skin, TiL is a breath of fresh air that hydrates, soothes, and prevents signs of accelerated aging due to external aggressions. From the age of 25, collagen production begins to decrease, as does blood circulation, leading to the formation of fine lines… and then wrinkles.

• For more mature skin, TiL is a regenerative treatment with a global curative effect, preserving well-hydrated, nourished, healthy, balanced, rested, and radiant skin.

• For everyone, the delightful fragrance composed by Francis Kurkdjian takes you on a journey under a blooming linden tree avenue, evoking childhood memories and providing joy, relaxation, and comfort, regardless of your age. These are the three emotions triggered by our olfactory note, proven by the results of a neuroscience study.

A universal treatment for all skin types

TiL formulas are ultra-gentle, natural over 96%, sensory, and effective. The textures have been designed to suit the widest range of skin types, except for specific dermatological problems. Our Hydrating Smoothing Day Cream,   "La Crème de Beauté",  is fluid and light yet remain present to provide comfort from morning to night, while our Regenerating Night Balm,  "Le Baume Qui Ressource",  is generous and enveloping but not greasy. Dry and very dry skin types can adjust the richness level by adding a drop of our Beautitying & Nourishing Dry Oil, "L' Huile Qui Enchante", and for all skin types during severe cold weather.

All our ingredients are “clean,” French, and vegan.

The linden tree is the tree of all, the one that wishes well for humanity, the tree of abundance, the only one capable of benefiting our entire body, and the most emotional tree there is, as it delights all the senses. And because we are a whole as well, we have let the linden tree guide the brand to create a universal holistic range that takes care of you as a whole, both outside and inside.

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