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Le secret de beauté de la peau ? L’hydratation !

The skin's beauty secret? Hydration!

During this heatwave period, we are talking about hydration , essential for the body and the skin. Do you think you know everything about water? That it's basic and that any product will do? Nay!

Discover some tips and why TiL is inherently hydrating, the secrets of a well-hydrated summer and a fresh start to the school year 😊

Water is health

The body is made up of two thirds of water (60% in adults, 75% in newborns) which is partly lost with urine, perspiration, respiration, etc.

  • However, water regulates body temperature : if it rises in cases of fever, physical exertion, heatwave), the body cools itself by sweating . You must therefore drink even more water when it is hot, without waiting until you are thirsty, because at that time there is already dehydration.
  • It also determines the proper functioning of the kidneys : they filter it and 1% becomes daily urine, which flushes out toxins.
  • In addition to eliminating waste, it also promotes blood circulation,
  • Preserves saliva,
  • Drive away stress,
  • Facilitates digestion
  • In a word, water preserves health, and even the brain and mood

So be careful, if you have a dry mouth, are tired, prone to dizziness, cramps, less clear urine, it may be because you are lacking water . Particular vigilance for pregnant women, babies, elderly people who lose the feeling of thirst, etc.

Drink what? Liquid, water obviously, broths, drinks as long as you avoid sugary drinks.

A tip: flavor the water to make it a little more fun, with citrus fruits or plants, herbs. And to make it even more appealing, make ice cubes containing fruit, visually it’s magnificent!

You should drink at least 1.5 liters per day , with food providing around 1 liter, and very regularly throughout the day , rather than a lot in 2 times.

Water is the beauty of the skin

 It contains approximately 70% water , but the quantity is not the same depending on the different layers of the skin: 80% in the depths of the dermis and 15 to 20% in the stratum corneum on the surface.

Water in the dermis is supplied orally, and remains there.
On the other hand, in the stratum corneum , it is subject to evaporation, if the skin barrier is not sufficiently balanced: it is the imperceptible loss of water , supposed to be blocked by the hydro-lipid, occlusive film, on the surface of the stratum corneum. 'epidermis.

NMF (Natural Mositurizing Factor) are the substances responsible for maintaining water in the stratum corneum.

However, there are numerous dehydration factors that weaken this skin balance:

  • external : tobacco, alcohol, wind, cold, pollution, sun, air conditioning, overly “stripping” treatments
  • interior : years, illnesses, medications, emotional factors (stress, fatigue)

It is then necessary to both provide moisturizing elements to the skin, and prevent the water from evaporating, otherwise only half the work is done! This is active and passive hydration .

The essential gesture for any beauty routine , in addition to drinking enough water every day, because this conditions its suppleness, softness, tone and appearance.

TiL: powerful hydration, with double relaxation

At TiL, hydration is at the heart of the effectiveness of the products , and owes its remarkable action to the linden tree, the different parts of which work in synergy to provide the skin with an exceptional supply of water and maintain it there: active hydration AND passive.

Our exclusive active ingredient, Tiliactiv4®, is composed of leaves, flowers, buds and branches from our linden trees harvested in the family French park in the Dordogne.

We tell you everything about its composition and the reasons for its performance !

It contains in particular:

  • Sugars, and more particularly polysaccharides
  • Organic acids .

Sugars and organic acids are natural hydration factors (NMF), with strong hydrating activity .



Polysaccharides have film-forming properties (notably those present in bud extract), which slows down the loss of water and therefore keeps the skin hydrated.

Acidic polysaccharides, particularly containing the monosaccharides rhamnose, galactose, arabinose, glucose and galacturonic and glucuronic acids , revealed a more effective moisturizing activity than hyaluronic acid at the same concentration !

Oligo- and polysaccharides rich in rhamnose have demonstrated protection of hyaluronic acid against its degradation in the face of free radicals.

This active ingredient, present in all our cosmetics, combined with other complementary natural active ingredients, and sophisticated textures, guarantees an optimum level of hydration for the skin over the days.

At stake ? Soft, comfortable, plump and toned skin, a radiant complexion. All the clinical studies that we have carried out on our various treatments have proven this.

And to also act from within , to follow our holistic, "in and out" approach , we particularly recommend at this time the delicious "Poudrez Zéro Souci" , our gourmet food supplement , which can be enjoyed in iced water in these moments of intense heat. It is detoxifying, relaxing, and promotes sleep and gives radiance to the skin.

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