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If there is one thing we believe in at TiL, it is that beauty is not measured by the number of years and wrinkles we have! They are the reflection of our lives, our moments of joy and sadness, our more or less bumpy road, our loves, our children, our troubles (sic), our laughter, our emotions.

But how can we help you keep your skin as beautiful as possible, as long as possible, toned and smooth, fresh and rested? And at the same time offer you little moments of daily pleasure, those that bring a smile and a feeling of well-being?

The aging of the skin

  • An unavoidable phenomenon:

It starts early, with a double cause.

-genetic: from the age of 25, imperceptibly, cell renewal, which takes place in 28 days, slows down.  Gradually, the complexion becomes duller, the skin drier because the sebaceous glands produce less sebum, the action of fibroblasts (elastin and collagen) decreases, leading to a decrease in firmness, as well as in the production of hyaluronic acid, and therefore a less plump appearance. In the depths of the skin (hypodermis), fat cells also decrease, causing a loss of density. In addition, melanin, which is responsible for skin coloring, is disorganized, resulting in the appearance of spots.

Of course, heredity counts, as does morphology. For example, very high cheekbones slow down the sagging of the oval of the face.

– environmental causes: this is what we call the exposome, i.e. our lifestyle and everything to which we expose our skin: stress, pollution, sun, tobacco, alcohol, food, etc. This oxidative stress creates “inflammatory aging” or chronic, silent inflammation, which accelerates the aging of the skin: faced with a multitude of aggressors, the skin can no longer cope and can no longer repair itself.

It is responsible for 70% to 80% of aging! So the ball is in our court, for more than two thirds, and that’s the good news!

How to prevent the acceleration of aging?

First, by protecting our skin from various agressions:

-stress, by adopting all relaxation techniques when we cannot avoid the causes of stress, from yoga, to gardening through meditation…

-the sun , by protecting yourself with a protection 50 sunscreen when you are exposed to the sun (but not on a daily basis all year round, it makes no sense to overload your skin with sunscreens in the winter in your office…) and a hat,

-of course tobacco,

alcohol, to be drunk in moderation (one must enjoy the pleasures of life, TiL is not into abstinence and guilt)

-and pollution by protecting the skin and escaping as often as possible into nature…

Then, some basic reflexes:

-A balanced diet, rich in antioxidants and vitamins (red and green vegetables), and avoiding sugar which has inflammatory effects.

-have a physical activity

-sleep, because sleep reduces the inflammatory state.

The must-haves of a beauty routine

Cosmetics play an essential role at any age in the way to age beautifully.

To take good care of your skin, there is no need to accumulate products and overload it, you just need to choose the right ones.

Clean your skin well, thoroughly but with gentle products, because stripping removes the layer that protects the skin and only accentuates the inflammation.

Prefer soothing formulas that fight against chronic inflammation, and contain anti-oxidants. This is related because free radicals are often mediators of inflammation, and inflammation releases free radicals… a vicious circle!  Any self-respecting skin care product should contain these basics, as well as repairing ingredients.

-Regenerate the skin: often abused, its natural defenses are no longer sufficient and it needs your help because if it can no longer regenerate, its aging accelerates.

TiL, soothed and regenerated beauty

Gorged with soothing, anti-oxidant and regenerating molecules, linden is an extraordinary way to slow down the aging process and accompany it in beauty.

After 3 years of R&D and the discovery of its incredible virtues on the skin, TiL and its cosmetic products are just like this sacred tree that Pliny the Elder called “the doctor tree” in the 1st century, soothing and regenerating.

A whole range, completed by a joyful and comforting perfume and detoxifying and calming food supplements, which accompanies the skin at any age to prevent or treat all the signs of aging, with a rare effectiveness, because our exclusive active ingredient based on fresh linden is versatile

At the heart of this range, two particularly precious care products, with different textures and uses, but which can be combined, calm and repair the skin.

– “Le Baume qui Ressource”, our renerating soothing night balm.

During the night, the skin is at the peak of its cellular renewal and can repair itself.

This velvety and comforting balm-cream comes to its rescue by infusing it with the first exclusive concentrate of linden tree flowers, leaves, buds and twigs from the family estate in the Dordogne, a powerful calming, regenerating and anti-oxidant. Surrounded by passion flower, nasturtium, rose centifolia and alfalfa, it ensures a recuperative sleep to your skin, which wakes up smoothed and plumped up in the morning, full of radiance with a rested face. Night after night, your skin is soothed* and regenerated*, its natural defenses are strengthened, and all signs of fatigue and age* are reduced (98% natural origin. Vegan).

*Scientific tests have proven a 68.7% scavenging capacity of free radicals, and a 64% inhibition of an inflammation marker. Clinical studies showed smoother skin for 95% of women, more hydrated and comfortable for 90%.

– “L’Huile qui Enchante”, our beautifying nourishing dry oil.

The latest addition to the range, this ultra-sensory, multi-use oil is a precious repairing and beautifying treatment for the face, body and hair. A treasure trove of benefits, with an addictive floral fragrance, it also contains an exclusive active ingredient, an oily macerate of silver linden flowers from the Dordogne harvested in the same area.  Both moisturizing and soothing, anti-oxidant and regenerating, it is surrounded by a cocktail of vegetable oils, where camelina, known for its anti-aging virtues, and firming white lupin predominate.


This dry oil (96.8% natural origin. Vegan) strengthens the skin barrier, fights against premature aging and preserves hydration, while depositing a non-greasy silky veil, quickly penetrated, which nourishes face, body and hair.

It also comforts the spirit with its fresh, luminous and tender fragrance created by Francis Kurkdjian, …a strong emotional impact demonstrated by neuroscientific studies: it brings joy, relaxation and comfort. And this feeling of well-being is, for TiL, inseparable from beauty.

Solo or duo use

In common, these 2 soothing and regenerating cares have efficiency and sensoriality, and they can be used separately or associated.

The Balm is best applied in the evening on the face, the Oil at any time on the face, but also the body and hair. It can be applied alone on the face or before the Balm, and can also be added in a spritz to the Balm by mixing the two in the palm of the hand for maximum richness. 

The skin is the mirror of our emotions and our lives, so whatever our age, we pamper it by giving it all the calm and repair help it needs to continue to shine, because yes, we can be beautiful and well at any age …

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